Products we offer

Freedom Wire Inc. has a virtually limitless product selection as we custom make every wire harness, component, and assembly for our customers. We can develop any system to fit the needs of your business and your products!

Custom Wire Harnesses

Every harness we make is hand built and hand checked by our quality control department to meet your needs. Whether you have a harness or wiring system designed or need us to design one for you, Freedom Wire Inc. can help you get the harness you need at prices you can afford! In addition, ALL harnesses are hand made in the USA!

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Wire Harness Assembly

Harnesses are manufactured the same every time. We accomplish this by reproducing your print on an assembly board. The board is then maintained and stored for continued production.

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We have a wide array of all essential products required to manufacture or repair any electrical need.

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Value-Added Services

Need more than just a harness? We can take a product that we are developing and in addition to assembling the wire harness, we can add additional pieces such as batteries and other items to which the wire harness will connect.

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